A Single Glance Can Determine your Character
Един поглед ще разкрие характера ви
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A Single Glance Can Determine your Character


Just one look is all it takes to determine your character.

Stare at the picture a moment and pick out the first drawing that grabs your eye. Did you choose one? Now read on to find out what it says about your character.

1. Romantic character

You are very trustful, you build friendships quickly and fall in love just as fast. You believe in love and do everything you can for it. You are always open and friendly to others but they often take advantage of you. You love life and boldly take off on adventures.

2. Mysterious character

You rediscover yourself every day. You are erratic and love frequent change. You make for a fascinating person to sit down and have a talk with. As a whole, you are mysterious, secretive, enigmatic.

3. Eccentric character

You have your own views toward life, you're not afraid to take risks and leap head first into challenges. The people around you are often taken aback by your behavior. You dislike and don't follow the status quo, rules and norms. You are an individual thirsty for life. You think independently, maintain your opinions and are not influenced by others, you speak directly.

4. Psychic character

You have a powerful intuition. Your dreams and thoughts often become reality. Coincidences are a common occurrence for you. You are emotional, unusual, sensitive and covert.

5. Stormy character

You are a real tempest and want everything to happen at once. Your feelings are always at the forefront. Your opinions change exceptionally fast and you tend to dramatize. You are impulsive, boisterous, emotional, impatient, wild.

6. Contemplative character

You are very calm and calmly think about each and every action. Speed just isn't in your blood. You always contemplate deeply on things and often others ask you for advice.

7. Intuitive character

You are an extraordinarily piercing individual and your intuition is highly developed. Nothing remains buried and hidden about the people around you. You easily find out whenever someone's lying to you.

8. Wise character

You are a wise, calm and rational person. You learn from your mistakes and quickly take away lessons from them. You always give good advice and easily overcome challenges. Don't doubt your abilities and be confident.

9. Rational character

You're a particularly rational individual, always knowing what you're doing and how to do it. You constantly fight for justice. You're cautious when you have to open your inner world to others. You are sensible, wise and experienced.



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