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Kazakhstani Vanga Predicts Death and Destruction in 2018

Vera Lion

The prophetess Vera Lion has announced her dark prognosis for the year 2018. Known as the Kazakhstani Vanga, she has made predictions about what will happen in the US, Russia, China, the EU, NATO, Ukraine, as well as in the world as a whole over the next 12 months.

According to Vera, one of the things the year is going to surprise us with is the warming of relations between Russia and the US. Besides with Donald Trump, Putin will make peace with China as well. At the same time, a conflict will erupt between the US and China. The small dispute isn't going to lead to any serious problems.


Throughout the year, the partners and members of NATO and the European Union are going to leave them, 1 by 1. Eventually this will lead to the complete collapse of these organizations, possibly at the beginning of 2019.


The seeress foretells that the climate changes in 2018 are going to lead to new and much more serious catastrophes. In 2017 we saw the continued tendency of sea level rise of the world's ocean. This is going to continue in 2018, with ice in the polar ice caps continuing to melt, ultimately causing much more severe cataclysms and disasters than last year. As the first examples of this, the Kazakhstani Vanga points to hurricane Friederike in Europe, the flooding in Paris, the series of strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in January.

Like 2017, the beginning of 2018 was stained with blood. In the coming months, the prophetess foretells of much more loss of life in local conflicts and terrorist attacks. Death will be so widespread that some countries will even disappear from the face of the Earth. She also sees a boom in aviation accidents.


In place of the old coalitions, Vera Lion sees a new, international one, whose driving force will be Russia. All charges against journalist Julian Assange will be dropped. The economic crisis will ease off.

Vera Lion claims that at some point during the year the friendship between the US and Europe will fall apart completely. After Putin wins the election, he is going to marry a young, mysterious woman.

The father of Perestroika reform, Mikhail Gorbachev, is going to pass away, while the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic will gain official independence. North Korea is going to unite with South Korea, while the situation in the Ukraine is going to become ever bloodier. Trump will lose interest in Kiev.