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Mummy of Nefertiti foundMummy of Nefertiti found
04 Oct.
"Nefertiti probably would had been buried in northern Egypt on a place called Akhetaten....
Exaggerated the beauty of Nefertiti?Exaggerated the beauty of Nefertiti?
15 Dec.
Nefertiti maybe was not such a beauty, say scientists in Germany....
Desire or fearDesire or fear
21 Dec.
Adults average dream lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours a night. Erotic dreams is "power" of memories from previous experiences from the past days. Dreams do not lie, they reveal repressed unconsciousness. If you desire...
Queen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bedQueen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bed
05 Aug.
It is believed it was them to whom conceived Nefertiti....
Mermaids - Myth or Reality?Mermaids - Myth or Reality?
22 Oct.
Do mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves really exist? Many claim that these are products of the imagination, but some stories refute the existence of "mythical" mermaids. Decide for yourself... In 1830...
Spiritualism - quackery or mysticism?Spiritualism - quackery or mysticism?
17 June
"Tonight I'm here as one of the founders of spiritualism, to rebuke it as an absolute lie from beginning to end, as one of the most unconvincing superstitions, And the most pernicious blasphemy"says Margaret....
Mermaids - myth or reality?Mermaids - myth or reality?
08 Dec.
Are there mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves? Many argue that this contraption is nonsense, but some stories have rebutted the existence of mythical creatures. In the year of 1830 the locals of the Isle of...
Amazons, myth or truth?Amazons, myth or truth?
10 Oct.
Already 3000 years of legend from the Amazons, have bought us beautiful but cruel women that excite our imaginations. Coming a long way from the myths and unusual stories written by the Greek and Roman writers, passing...
Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?
07 Nov.
Pyrokinesis is the ability for a person to be able to control fire solely with their mind. This includes ignition, intensifying and diminishing flames without using any type of device. The word "pyrokinesis" is of Greek...
End of world coming? Possible scenariosEnd of world coming? Possible scenarios
19 Feb.
Along with the movie "2012" many people are pessimistic and decided that the world really will end after about 2 years. This psychosis dates go back from centuries ago and have always found that some people believe in any...
Curses - reality or a hoax?Curses - reality or a hoax?
26 June
Many people wonder there such a thing as a curse? Does it harm us or is it just another hoax. Increasingly we often hear complaints about this kind of damage, to other authority figures. But what is really a curse? It...
European New year traditionsEuropean New year traditions
31 Dec.
In Austria, there is an unwritten law of the New Year in Vienna, to ring the bell of peace, which is located in the Cathedral of St. Stephen. On the festive night, in front of the cathedral, thousands of people gather...
Asian New Year traditionsAsian New Year traditions
31 Dec.
The Vietnamese, on New Year, ignite bonfires with the fall of darkness. Some fires are made by families, and the coals are made from rice treats. In the New Year's Eve, you forget all the insults and bickering. The next...
Weekly Horoscope Until the End of NovemberWeekly Horoscope Until the End of November
24 Nov.
Sagittarius - Rid yourself of illusions At the beginning of the week you will look at life around you with more acumen and pragmatism....
The Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until TodayThe Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until Today
03 June
Hands down, the largest city in the world today is Tokyo, with its population of 33 million, although just 10 years ago Mexico City and New York competed for the very same crown. Nothing lasts forever. The dynamic...
Rings - Protection Against Evil or Decoration?Rings - Protection Against Evil or Decoration?
30 Apr.
The ring is one of the few household items that can boast amazing longevity. In ancient times in the land of Egypt, it was thought that wearing a ring is not just a sign of an ornament, but is a source of special forces...
The Phenomenal Hunza - Humans or Extraterrestrials?The Phenomenal Hunza - Humans or Extraterrestrials?
24 Nov.
For years the people known as the Hunza, living on the border between Pakistan and India, have been labeled as "super people". Some even believe that the Hunza are of extraterrestrial origin. The legends surrounding...
New pyramids found in EgyptNew pyramids found in Egypt
29 June
This is only the beginning of this type of research, "said Dr. Parkak. Two potential pyramids are in the Sahara region....
RoboRoach - the New Super SpyRoboRoach - the New Super Spy
06 Oct.
Scientists from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad have created the smallest robotized spy in the world. The experts from the University's tech division have announced that they've successfully finished...
New Megalithic Monuments Near StonehengeNew Megalithic Monuments Near Stonehenge
12 Sept.
1.8 miles (3 km) from the emblematic Stonehenge, archaeologists have uncovered a site that looks very much like it. In proximity to the most famous megalithic monument in the world, there are many other newly found megaliths...
New Geoglyphs Discovered in NazcaNew Geoglyphs Discovered in Nazca
08 Sept.
New geoglyphs have been found in Nazca. The never-before-seen designs came to the fore after powerful winds and an intense storm raged across Peru. Eduardo Herrán Gomez de la Torre saw the new motifs by complete chance...
The Legend of Romulus and Remus - the Beginning of the Eternal CityThe Legend of Romulus and Remus - the Beginning of the Eternal City
25 Feb.
The Eternal City, the city on the seven hills, Rome, whatever you call it, you won't go wrong. It cannot be denied that it is an exciting and captivating city that has an equally exciting and captivating history. According...
Failed predictions for the end of the worldFailed predictions for the end of the world
25 July
The May 21 date was not accidental. On this day the world had to be destroyed. The prediction of the end of the world was by a preacher of the United States, Harold Kemping. Fortunately, it turned out another failed "prophecy...
Ten scenarios for the end of the worldTen scenarios for the end of the world
18 July
- At the beginning of the 21st century an unknown planet will interject with the Earth, and will destroy civilization, or will cause a huge natural disaster....
Climate change caused the end of the Mayans?Climate change caused the end of the Mayans?
04 Oct.
Results of the drastic changes in climate may have led to the destruction of the ancient civilization of Mayan, reports National Geographic. Researchers from the Center for Marshall Space Flight in Huntsville, Alabama...