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End of world coming? Possible scenarios

Nina NordNina Nord
End of the world

Along with the movie "2012" many people are pessimistic and decided that the world really will end after about 2 years. This psychosis dates go back from centuries ago and have always found that some people believe in any of the scenarios for the end of the world.

The nervous system often seeks solace in drugs or suicide, and finally, it appears that life continues after the date announced for the last day.

In the year of 1806, in the English city of Leeds a hen starts to lay eggs with messages on them, which then witnesses allegedly wrote: "Christ is coming". Many people then believed that the end of the world was coming. Finally, it appeared that the chicken farmer wrote on the eggs.

In 1842 the English farmer William Miller, after having studied profoundly the Bible, declared that the end of the world will be somewhere between March 1843 and March 1844, he preached in many places and collected thousands of followers who were convinced that the date was April 23rd 1843. Many of the church even donated their wealth. On April 23rd, when nothing happened, the group split up and formed part of the Church of the Seventh day Adventist.

In 1835 the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith said he had spoken personally with the Lord and he reported that over the next 56 years the world would disappear.

In May 1980 the American evangelist, Pat Robertson declared on the television show that he was convinced of the date of the end of human civilization. According to him it had to happen in the winter of 1982

In 1997, comet Hale-Bopp appears and a group of Americans are convinced that it goes after an alien ship and brings death. Although NASA had denied such a thing to be true, 39 people from the UFO Society of San Diego, united under the name "Doors of Paradise" committed suicide to protect themselves from a painful death caused by aliens.

Richard Nuun, writer and author of "Supreme disaster" in 1997 argued that the world ends its existence on May 5th, 2000. According to him, this was the date on which the Arctic ice melts and causes the death of people around the globe.

In 2006 in the United States Ronald Ueynland released a book, in which it says that autumn 2008 is the last of humankind. All this appears to be another thirst for fame and money.