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Desire or fear

Desire or fear

Adults average dream lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours a night. Erotic dreams is "power" of memories from previous experiences from the past days. Dreams do not lie, they reveal repressed unconsciousness.

If you desire some fixed dreams it can cause fear to others. One of the functions of erotic dreams is to help us get rid of any inhibitions.

Desire or fear

There are women who often dream that men relate to them aggressively. This type of dream indicates a fear of attack or the impact of hysterical and authoritarian father on the psyche of the daughter. If such type of dreams are repeated, it is appropriate to have therapy as this would help to resolve the problem.

Importance of Dreams

Dreams carry messages as long as you learn to rely on the signs. In most cases it comes to the intimate lives of you and your partner. If you often dream that your making love close to a fire, it means that your love is dynamic and shared. Making love on a train is considered a symbol of family life, and if the journey is relaxed, then everything in your family is okay.