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Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?


Pyrokinesis is the ability for a person to be able to control fire solely with their mind.

This includes ignition, intensifying and diminishing flames without using any type of device.

The word "pyrokinesis" is of Greek origin and literally means "fire motion".

The secret behind the phenomenon lies in the ability for the atoms in one object to be accelerated to the point where their heat energy rises vastly and they eventually ignite.

Some people claim that to be able to master pyrokinesis, a person must very carefully listen to their inner life force.

That way they will receive a greater influx of energy and be able to light an object on fire. To do this, all of their attention needs to be focused on their hands.

The person needs to imagine that they can control flame just as easily as they can control the movement of their own hands. Just as with all other ventures, what is required here is will, very good concentration and dedicated perseverance.


Most scientists are still unconvinced that pyrokinesis is actually possible, because they believe that the isolated cases of objects being set on fire are due not to superhuman powers but to special particles in the object or air that caused the ignition.

A very good example of this was during the 19th century when a man managed to keep a flame in the air, with the simplest explanation being the presence of phosphorus in the burning particles, which has the property of burning at an air temperature of 90°F (30°C).

In 2011, a 3-year-old child from the Philippines set its pillow aflame in front of eyewitnesses and scientists had no explanation for the event.

They took the child with them in order to study it and its abilities. This gives further proof to the supporters of pyrokinesis, that it does actually exist and can be controlled.

If you decide to make attempts at controlling fire with only the power of your mind, start off with candles or matches.

You may need a lot of time to make a connection with fire but keep in mind that it is not a toy, so be careful.