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Curses - reality or a hoax?

Curses - reality or a hoax?

Many people wonder there such a thing as a curse? Does it harm us or is it just another hoax. Increasingly we often hear complaints about this kind of damage, to other authority figures. But what is really a curse?

It is divided into three types: direct, generic and magical. Direct represents malice, hatred and envy in man, which he feels for someone and thus by negative energy he sent his injury. This is an unconscious process. Generic curse is irreversible and is sufficient for only one person has to suffer for the whole family. It is not magic and is even stronger than it.

But is it possible to get rid of this problem and how?

The only way to salvation is to be referred to a specialist even if you have more than one.

Generic curse can be made by anyone. It is done by saying the appropriate words which create a very strong energy field.

The third type of magic, is simply black magic, which of course could be made only by experts, namely, wizard, wizards, Hoxha and so on. To be done with a wizard or sorcerer, a spell is a special ritual act, then the person who should be starting to hurt from his troubles after troubles accumulate.

How to recognize the curse?

You mostly trust your inner voice of intuition. It unmistakably warns us of any dangers. The problem is that many people do not pay any attention to your sixth sense. Hurrying in their busy lives we do not find time and energy to pay attention to this important part of us.

Of course you can always seek help from a professional magician. The surest way to prevent this kind of damage is still the intervention of a professional. We should not remain alone with the thought that we could deal with it.

There is another kind of curse, namely mothers. It is one of the most powerful and scary and there is simply no way to escape.

Scientists say this type of injury is simply an excuse for people who cannot to deal with their problems. Others say it is the work of people who want to earn from manipulating the gullible.

Believe it or not judge yourself. But know one thing, a positive attitude will save you trouble, whether or not you have a curse. Just be smiling and believe in yourselves and in your personal capacity.