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Amazons, myth or truth?

Amazons, myth or truth?

Already 3000 years of legend from the Amazons, have bought us beautiful but cruel women that excite our imaginations.

Coming a long way from the myths and unusual stories written by the Greek and Roman writers, passing through the Indian tribes and consisting of women in contemporary television shows like "Xena the Warrior Princess", the legends have undergone many changes.

Amazons, myth or truth?

Is there truth in the percentage of these ancient stories?

For the first time a militant tribe from the Amazon Homer was described and mentioned by ancient authors in their work and also tell of the adventures of the mysterious women.

Legends say that Amazons "used" captive men for procreation, then killed children that were born males. They had only one daughter who taught in the traditions of the Amazon turned soldiers into a bloodthirsty tribe.

Some biographers of Alexander the Great tell of his acquaintance with the Queen of the Amazons named Talestris. It is even argued that they had a child. This information has never been substantiated by irrefutable facts and evidence.

It is suggested that the word "Amazon" Derives from the Iranian, which means "warrior." To this day historians argue where the Amazons lived. The range is very wide - Black Sea coast of Turkey, Russia, Libya, and even Atlantis.

In the middle of XIX century Russian archeologists have found skeletons of women in the Pontic steppe (northern Black Sea coast).

In an ancient mound near the border town of Pokrovka, Russia and Kazakhstan, were found skeletons of women buried with weapons - swords, daggers, bronze arrows for bows, shields...

The findings suggest that the image of women from the Amazons in ancient cultures was extremely populated.