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Rings - Protection Against Evil or Decoration?

woman with a Ring

The ring is one of the few household items that can boast amazing longevity.

In ancient times in the land of Egypt, it was thought that wearing a ring is not just a sign of an ornament, but is a source of special forces. Rings served as a talisman that is always with the people and protects them from bad influences. In a nutshell - the ring was taken as a magic symbol. Its strength and meaning depended on their shape and color.

For example, it was thought that normal round rings are inhabited by spirits. Therefore, the dead were buried without rings, so that the soul may leave the body. At the same time, however, there are other beliefs, according to which the rings protected the body from invasion of malicious spirits and served as a kind of protective wall.


Rings were protection against disease. During the Middle Ages in Europe, there was a special ring for common diseases. Highly respected were the rings from the hooves of donkey, or ostrich bones.

Today, we deprived Rings of all their magical properties and see them more as ceremonial ornaments. They are an integral part of the wedding ceremony, for example.

Before the fifteenth century in Russia, grooms wore an iron ring as a sign of their strength, and brides - gold as a sign of affection and purity.

In ancient Rome, the bridegroom is given away before the wedding and the parents of the bride made a smooth metal ring as a symbol of prosperity, and the ability to withstand the future wife.

In Perugia, Italy, to this day a ring with amethyst is kept, which according to legend, Joseph gave to Mary as a sign of loyalty. This ring is considered to be the reason for the fashion of wedding rings with precious stones.