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European New year traditions

New Year in Moscow

In Austria, there is an unwritten law of the New Year in Vienna, to ring the bell of peace, which is located in the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

On the festive night, in front of the cathedral, thousands of people gather. In Austria, it is considered lucky if on New Year's Eve, you meet a chimney sweep - a guarantee for happiness in the next year.

In the Netherlands the New Year feast always has donuts with raisins. Children expect gifts from the white colt, so they fill their wooden shoes with carrots and hay, and find them filled with sweets the next morning.

In Greece, it is tradition for the head of the family to break into the wall of the house a pomegranate, if it's seeds fly all over the place, it brings good luck for the next year.

In Ireland, all the doors of the houses are open on New Year's Eve and everyone can become a guest at the celebration of any family as long as you say, 'Peace to this house! ".

In Italy, it is not uncommon to see people throwing out of their windows useless clothes and objects, thus parting with the old year.

In Norway, children fill grain feeders for birds and go to sleep on New Year's Eve. They also leave a bowl of oatmeal for the gnome Nissen, who brings treats.

Romanians celebrate with ritual songs, and a man dressed as a goat or simply wrapped in a blanket, performs a ritual dance. Youth Groups orbit yards and hit with sticks on the ground - it symbolizes hitting oxen to plow the ground well for the whole year to be rich.

In France, a symbol of family wealth is a log ignited in the fireplace and the way it burns, makes it clear what next year will be like. Cakes for New Year's feast are in the form of logs.

In Scotland, resin is ignited in a barrel on New Year's Eve and rolled down the street - thus burning out the old year. When the clock sets the twelfth strike at midnight, the door of the house must be open to let out the old year and let the new one enter.