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Exaggerated the beauty of Nefertiti?


Nefertiti maybe was not such a beauty, say scientists in Germany.

Courtiers sculptor, sculpted the famous bust of the Egyptian queen, probably smoothed the wrinkles around the mouth and crooked her nose, to present her more beautiful.


"It is possible that the bust was commissioned by itself, Akhenaten and he asked his wife to be presented in a way like it" according to the Germany team of scientists led by Alexander Huperts.

The tall bust was made up of 50 centimeters by the famous sculptor Tutmes and is composed of limestone, gypsum and covered with layers of varying density. Experts analyzed the site in 1992 with the help of computer tomography and modern technologies allow Hupertts and his team to gain more information about how it was created.

Scientists discovered that the sculpture has two faces. The first is made with incredible precision, but it is different having less pronounced cheekbones, with a slight hump on the nose, wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks and with eyes so deep.

The bust of the Egyptian queen, with two faces, was discovered in 1912 in the locality of El Amara in Egypt, where she was briefly placed in Amarna, the capital of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Currently all three statues are kept in the Berlin Museum.

The bust, which scientists have explored in depth was shown to the public for the first time in 1923 since then it produces admiration for symmetric lines and precision, which are features of Nefertiti.

Sculpture is among the five cultural values held abroad that Egypt wishes to recover with any cost.