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Mummy of Nefertiti found

Mummy of Nefertiti found

84 years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, American archaeologists in Egypt found another mummy.

Literally only 5 meters from the Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamun, thanks to which the world learned about the young pharaoh in Valley of the Kings in Luxor, archaeologists stumbled onto 'like a tomb' with a rectangular shape.

She was 3 meters deep and was found during excavations near the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. Its dimensions were 195 centimeters to 153 cm, in the western side wall indentations are made every 26 cm in length. According to archaeologists the ancient Egyptians used them as steps to climb.

Inside the tomb they found five wooden sarcophagi with the mummy, which scientists refer to the eighteen dynasty (1555 BC to 1305 BC). Sarcophagi of the human faces are painted. Along with them American archaeologists found 20 clay tightly closed containers.

According to the chief archaeologist of the Egypt Mummies, Zahi Hawass, they may have had people from the Pharaoh or aristocratic family moved from their own graves to be saved from thieves.

Bab Partridge magazine "Ancient Egypt ", claims that it was possible for Queen Nefertiti to buried there, she which was co-manager of Egypt between 1379 and 1358 BC and herself and tomb have never been discovered.

"Nefertiti probably would had been buried in northern Egypt on a place called Akhetaten. It is believed that mummies of Nefertiti and some of her daughters were transported back to the Valley of the Kings'', says Partridge to the BBC.

The Tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922 by British, Howard Carter and Lord Caernarfon.