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Eye color superstitionsEye color superstitions
25 Mar.
Best for them are people of the same color eyes or people with gray-green eyes....
Our Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable PartnerOur Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable Partner
18 Feb.
It has been established that every color has its energetic emanation and according to groups of experts, this also applies to eye color. The color of men's eyes can guide us when we're looking for true love....
Superstitions, If Your Eye TremblesSuperstitions, If Your Eye Trembles
30 Sept.
Trembling of the eye is connected to various superstitions. It is believed that if your eyes are shaking, it surely means something, it’s not just a temporary tic. According to superstition, if your left eye trembles,...
Your Talent According to your Birth DateYour Talent According to your Birth Date
15 May
According to numerology, the birth date is closely tied to the character of a person, their individuality and last but not least - their talents....
Your personality according to your hair colorYour personality according to your hair color
08 July
However, red is the color of love and feelings. 4. White Hair White hair comes to show self-respect, wisdom and skill (or just apparent age)....
Our Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye ColorOur Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye Color
01 Nov.
According to American scientists, people's talents can be found out just by looking at eye color. Scientists have discovered that people with blue eyes are more talented than those with black or brown eyes....
Signs That your Third Eye is OpenSigns That your Third Eye is Open
01 Nov.
Ever more people are experiencing their third eye open up. When your 6th chakra opens up, several sure signs appear that indicate you're moving up to the next spiritual level. Situated between your eyebrows, the third...
Card Reading Shows Your Relationship's Chance for SuccessCard Reading Shows Your Relationship's Chance for Success
19 June
To card read on your own, besides the person's name, that you have a relationship with, you must also take notice of their eye color and hair color....
Choose a Picture and Discover your Hidden TalentChoose a Picture and Discover your Hidden Talent
13 Oct.
You have a talent both for writing, as well as speaking, because you always manage to find the right words for what you're feeling....
Find out your Lucky Color Based on your Date of BirthFind out your Lucky Color Based on your Date of Birth
23 June
Three In order to enhance your inborn talent for communication, wear clothes of any shade of purple - from lavender to dark violet. The colors that suppress your abilities are green, red, grey and dark brown....
The Eye of RaThe Eye of Ra
02 Oct.
The Eye of Ra, also known as the Solar Eye, is an ancient symbol that embodies power and authority. Moreover, it is a symbol of fire and light, concentration and quick reaction. According to ancient Egyptian beliefs,...
Character Based on Eye ShapeCharacter Based on Eye Shape
24 Mar.
Physiognomy is an ancient science, which scientists believe originated from China and subsequently spread to the rest of the world. It serves as a way to determine human character based on facial features. The eyes...
Say Goodbye to Insomnia! Your Zodiac Sign will Show you HowSay Goodbye to Insomnia! Your Zodiac Sign will Show you How
17 July
There are many possible reasons for insomnia - you don't turn your phone off, you start worrying about the future. Insomnia has consequences both for our physical appearance and mental state. And if you're spending...
Do This Test and Find out How you Show your LoveDo This Test and Find out How you Show your Love
08 May
The result will show you the way you express your love....
Violet Color - Symbolism and PropertiesViolet Color - Symbolism and Properties
19 Oct.
Another characteristic of violet is that it is obtained from the merging of two opposite colors - blue and red. It is the most solid color in the rainbow....
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
If you define the color red as the color of love and deep passion, we can say that green is also love, but one that is aimed at us....
Yellow Color Meaning and SymbolismYellow Color Meaning and Symbolism
08 Dec.
Pale yellow color is connected with adultery. The meaning of yellow in the era of the Renaissance is close to the color interpretation of Christianity....
Astounding! NASA Shows Images of Merging GalaxiesAstounding! NASA Shows Images of Merging Galaxies
13 Mar.
NASA has published remarkable images online of 2 galaxies merging together, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope continues to be exceptionally beneficial in its work. Thanks to it, scientists...
Freud's Test Shows Our Priorities in LifeFreud's Test Shows Our Priorities in Life
28 Feb.
Laundry - shows in which place you would put money; 5....
Moles show characterMoles show character
25 Mar.
From the location of moles can be interpreted human nature and destiny. It is assumed that the greater the mole, the more important its role. The location of the mole on the face and body can also be insights to personality...
Phenomenal! Saturn is Changing its ColorPhenomenal! Saturn is Changing its Color
02 Nov.
The images were taken by the Cassini space probe, which has been studying the distant planet since 2004, and scientists point out that they clearly show a region of the planet becoming lighter....
Color Psychology! What Does Science Say?Color Psychology! What Does Science Say?
21 Mar.
Anyone can conduct an interesting test by thinking of three colors. The first shows the current state at the level of emotions....
Can Colors Heal?Can Colors Heal?
22 Jan.
Everyone has their own color preferences, whether we're talking about their clothing, the color of their car or house, etc. It's been proven that the colors surrounding us affect our health and mood....
Colors in DreamsColors in Dreams
18 June
An orange color in your dream means that you wish to discover new horizons. The color yellow has a different meaning depending on your feelings....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color GreySymbolism and Meaning of the Color Grey
25 Jan.
This has to do with the pervading stereotype that a man must never show his feelings, under any circumstances....