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Superstitions, If Your Eye Trembles

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Trembling of the eye is connected to various superstitions. It is believed that if your eyes are shaking, it surely means something, it’s not just a temporary tic.

According to superstition, if your left eye trembles, something bad will soon happen that will make you cry hopelessly for a long time.


But this only applies if the lower eyelid of the left eye is trembling. If the upper lid of the left eye trembles, it means that something good will soon happen.

If a woman's upper lid of the left eye trembles, it portends a proposal for marriage in the near future, which she must not refuse if she wants not to suffer afterwards.

Tremors of the right eye are associated with the acquiring of great wealth, especially in times of financial scarcity. If a young girl, going on a first date with her new beloved, has her right eye tremble, it means that passionate love awaits her.

But if a young girl, going on a first date with the new man in her life, has her left eye tremble, this means that it will lead to a parting very soon.


To neutralize this superstition and get rid of this prophetic separation, the girl must wash her eye with holy water when she gets home.

To get rid of unpleasant upcoming events related to spasms of the eye, rub both eyes simultaneously and then make the sign of the cross three times over each one.

If a man has his right eye shake when he is on a date, it portends success for him on the love front. But if his left eye is shaking when he decides to see his old love, it foreshadows troubles related to his current lover.

If a person has an important upcoming event related to his finances, and their left eye starts to tremble, this means that troubles are coming up.

If your right eye starts to spasm when you see a person whom you have just met, it means that they may bring you success in life. However, if your left eye trembles, you should avoid the company of this man.



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20.06.2014 17:25
how to know which eye is left or right?
is it like the right and left hand?