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Choose a Picture and Discover your Hidden Talent

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Pick 1 of the 4 landscapes above and you'll discover the greatest talent you possess. Choose it based on whichever one you think suits you best.

1. Snowy landscape - if you picked the snowy landscape, then you need to rely on your intuition. Your talent lies in strong emotions, so whenever you have to make important decisions be sure to seek the answer in them and not in logic and reason. Your 6th sense will often help you find the real motives of the people around you.

2. Marine landscape - your talent lies in interpersonal relationships. You're adept at bringing peace between people who have serious hostility between them. You give a lot of good advice, are patient when communicating and can get along with people who have an opinion fundamentally different from your own. Your desire for harmony makes you exceptionally good mediators.

3. Mountain landscape - your way with words is your greatest strength. You have a talent both for writing, as well as speaking, because you always manage to find the right words for what you're feeling. Others find it enjoyable to listen to or read your works, for you are an unmatched wordsmith. You may be drawn to various arts that enrich your intellect.

4. Landscape with flowers - memorizing new information is an elementary task for you, even on a subconscious level. Often you may remember facts from the past with great accuracy, which amazes the people around you. You have a philosophical view of life, while your potential will help you prove yourself in various creative activities.