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Phenomenal! Saturn is Changing its Color

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Planet Saturn

The planet Saturn has begun changing its colors from blue nuances to golden ones. This phenomenal change has been spotted on the planet's north pole.

Even though they are still unsure as to what's causing these changes in the celestial body, NASA scientists say they had noticed them back in 2012 but weren't certain what color the planet was shifting to at the time.

The images were taken by the Cassini space probe, which has been studying the distant planet since 2004, and scientists point out that they clearly show a region of the planet becoming lighter.

According to one of the theories, the change in colors is due to photochemical reactions caused by the summer solstice of the planet, which will continue until May 2017.

The planet's north pole is now tilted more toward the Sun and this is causing changes in its atmosphere, although no categorical theory can yet be given because the seasonal cycles of the planet are still being studied.

From November 1995 to August 2009, Saturn's north pole had actually been growing darker. During that time, there was almost no interaction recorded to be going on between the gas giant's elements.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the ozone hole forming over Antarctica and as such there is a strong possibility of the planet being bombarded by solar radiation.


The hexagonal pattern on Saturn's north pole, for which there is no definitive explanation yet, is large enough to swallow up our entire planet and has been changing its color gradually for some time, NASA scientists report.

They are also investigating the theory of particles accumulating within the hexagon, since Saturn is now believed to be emerging from its winter night.