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Signs That your Third Eye is Open

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Ever more people are experiencing their third eye open up. When your 6th chakra opens up, several sure signs appear that indicate you're moving up to the next spiritual level. Situated between your eyebrows, the third eye directly influences your thoughts and feelings.

The 6th chakra is activated whenever a person achieves a certain level of understanding and awareness. When and only when an individual attains the pure form of honesty, sense of responsibility, compassion and love, do new roads to self-improvement open up. Here are the signs that indicate that your 3rd eye has opened up:

Open consciousness

The opening of the 3rd eye has to do with understanding complex situations and concepts which seemed overly complex and impossible to comprehend in the past. You now see them from a new perspective and understand how many aspects they truly have. Your thoughts and feelings are in unison.

You think outside the box

Your thoughts will start to form in a different way after your 3rd eye opens. You now see beyond words and pick up on the true meaning and reasons behind specific actions. You have a unique connection to your senses, life and nature as a whole. You're capable of catching onto every hidden message that these send to you.


The 6th chakra comes with a unique intuition. This barely perceptible feeling will enable you to foretell what, when and how things will happen. Over time, intuition becomes a lot more palpable and well-developed.

A different way of thinking

You give up your old habits and instead seek mental and spiritual evolution. This never-ending pursuit of self-improvement has a direct impact on your life. Gradually, every single thing is subjected to doubt and further scrutiny. You seek new ways of developing in the personal and social aspects. You stop accepting the official answers and are always in search of the truth and something more.