The Mandela Effect will Make you Question your own MemoriesThe Mandela Effect will Make you Question your own Memories
09 Feb.
The assassination occurred while the president was riding in a car with his wife, Jackie Kennedy....
Divination with MoneyDivination with Money
04 Dec.
Curious to find out what's in store for you? You don't need to possess prophetic abilities or go to fortune tellers. The answer lies in your wallet. There is a very simple method for divination with money....
Divination with FlowersDivination with Flowers
14 Oct.
Divination with flowers is an unconventional way of peering into your future and finding out the answers to the questions on your mind....
Divination with MatchesDivination with Matches
03 Aug.
One of the easiest methods for revealing what the future has in store for you is divination using plain matches. Divination with matches is used to find out the future of your relations with a given person....
Divination with BeansDivination with Beans
20 July
In many countries, they practice bean divination. One of the most popular methods of prediction in Bosnia and Herzegovina is surely divination with beans....
Divination with WaxDivination with Wax
08 July
Divination with wax is an old-fashioned method of peering into the future. The method for divining with wax is simple but the interpretation is complex. What you need is a large candle....
Divination with needlesDivination with needles
17 Sept.
If all pins are sunk, they are not well coated with oil and you have to repeat the divination. The second method of divination is made with thirteen needles or pins. Three of them slightly bent....
Find out Your Future Path with This Quick Divination with CardsFind out Your Future Path with This Quick Divination with Cards
01 June
Queen of Hearts - You're going to have problems in your relations with loved ones. The peaceful period will make way for serious arguments, which you won't be able to avoid....
What`s the First Thing you See? The Answer Exposes your Very SoulWhat`s the First Thing you See? The Answer Exposes your Very Soul
23 Jan.
It's important to realize that every question has 2 solutions, each of them right in their own way....
Divination with 2 Dice! Find out your Future NowDivination with 2 Dice! Find out your Future Now
19 Jan.
Among the most common methods of divination is the throwing of dice....
Divination with a SpiderDivination with a Spider
12 Nov.
If it burns in certain spots, it will partially come true, and if only the area where you touch the candle burns, with the rest of the web hanging down in strips, your wish won't come true because wicked people will prevent...
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
That is why the apple gives the most accurate answer to the question of whether a person loves you or does not have strong feelings toward you....
Divination with an EggDivination with an Egg
24 Oct.
But a more popular method of divination with an egg is to also use water. Break the egg and pour it into a transparent container with water....
Divination with a PetDivination with a Pet
28 July
If you want to find out what fate has in store for you, you can do this with the aid of your pets, if you have such. If you don't have your own pet, you can use the pet of a close friend....
Divination with Coffee BeansDivination with Coffee Beans
26 July
Then throw the beans on the table and take a look at how many of them have fallen with their crack facing up. Count them; the number of these beans will help you find the answer to your question....