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Divination for the Upcoming Year on New Year's Eve

Antonia R.Antonia R.

New Year's Eve is considered to be the most mystical time of the whole year, as it is believed that the barrier between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest.

During this magical night for everyone, we can divine what will happen to us throughout the new year. Predictions about love, marriage and children are done via various methods, some of which you'll find right here.

1. Divination with a candle - turn off all your electric lights and light a candle. Then, take a sheet of paper, place it in a plate and light it with the candle. Based on the symbols the paper's ashes leave behind on the plate, you can discern what awaits you after Christmas and beyond.

2. Divination with a matchbox - position 2 matches upright - one representing you and the other your beloved, then burn them. If, while burning, they fall toward one another, it means you and your partner will remain together next year as well. If they fall away in different directions, you're going to break up.

3. Divination with your guests - if a dark-haired man is the first to cross your threshold after New Year's Eve, you're going to enjoy lots of money and material well-being in the new year. If a woman is your first guest, you're going to suffer from heartbreak in the new year.

4. Divination with a mirror - if an unmarried girl enters a dark room containing a mirror on New Year's Eve, while carrying a candle with her, she will see the face of her future husband in the mirror.


5. Divination with a radio - close your eyes and mentally ask a question about your future, then turn the radio on to a random station. The first song you hear contains the answer to your question.

6. Divination with walnuts - take a walnut from the New Year's Eve dining table and crack it open. If the nut inside is a good one, your year will be filled with fortune and happiness but if it's rotten, nothing good is in store for you.

7. Divination with a book - ask a question about whatever's on your mind and then, relying entirely on your intuition, grab a book, open it and read the first sentence on the right-hand page. There lies your answer.