Destiny of the Aquarius AscendantDestiny of the Aquarius Ascendant
26 Aug.
The life destiny of people of the Aquarius ascendant revolves around their aim of constant development. They're always improving their skills, no matter what their interests are expressed in....
Destiny of the Gemini AscendantDestiny of the Gemini Ascendant
08 July
The ascendant affects the person's destiny independent of their zodiac sign. If your ascendant is Gemini, the initial conception people form when they see you is that of a very energetic person....
Destiny of the Taurus AscendantDestiny of the Taurus Ascendant
06 July
The ascendant has a profound effect on people's fate, regardless of their zodiac sign. The ascendant is the sign that is the expression of your qualities in society....
Destiny of the Capricorn AscendantDestiny of the Capricorn Ascendant
01 July
If you are of the Capricorn ascendant, you are likely exceptionally demanding of yourself. Often, unjustifiably, you underestimate yourself....
Destiny of the Sagittarius AscendantDestiny of the Sagittarius Ascendant
29 June
Generous, positive, smiling - all qualities of the Sagittarius ascendant. Challenges are a favorite in life. People belonging to the Sagittarius ascendant are born with a smile....
Destiny of the Scorpio AscendantDestiny of the Scorpio Ascendant
24 June
People of the Scorpio ascendant have an extraordinarily strong aura, which demands the respect of others....
Destiny of the Libra AscendantDestiny of the Libra Ascendant
22 June
The Libra ascendant focuses on the main aspect deeply rooted in itself - justice. People of this ascendant are characterized by an open nature and inborn diplomacy....
Destiny of the Virgo AscendantDestiny of the Virgo Ascendant
18 June
One of the main priorities of the Virgo ascendant is outer appearance - vain to the smallest detail. Additionally they take perfect care of their health....
Destiny of the Leo AscendantDestiny of the Leo Ascendant
17 June
At times it's as if the Leo ascendant sets unrealistic goals. But with their organizational sense and creative impulse, they often astound the world with their talents....
Destiny of the Cancer AscendantDestiny of the Cancer Ascendant
15 June
Individuals belonging to the Cancer ascendant can boast of their pure openness, caring and emotionality. People with a Cancer ascendant are sociable and loyal. Affable to everyone, they always find common ground....
Destiny of the Aries AscendantDestiny of the Aries Ascendant
09 June
Challenges and risk-taking are 2nd nature to the Aries ascendant. They do not fear defeat but see it as a building block for their further development....
The Fate of PiscesThe Fate of Pisces
31 Oct.
Pisces realize their dreams and their rich spiritual world most often there. The fundamental goal of Pisces is to make the world a better place to live. To do this, they are prepared to sacrifice even themselves....
Meaning of the Ascendant in the HoroscopeMeaning of the Ascendant in the Horoscope
09 June
The ascendant determines the behavior of a person, just like the zodiac sign under which they were born. The ascendant provokes the reactions of each person to the world around them....
Shortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac Sign
11 Dec.
Individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign have their good sides but also many flaws, which usually cause suffering to those closest to them. Pisces are kind but don't like responsibility....
Year of the Snake for PiscesYear of the Snake for Pisces
21 Dec.
For Pisces (20 February-20 March), the year of the snake will be interesting, simply put....

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