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Year of the Snake for Pisces

Plamena M.Plamena M.
year of the snake

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Black Water Snake begins on February 10, 2013 and will continue until early 2014. People will need to carefully consider and weigh everything before making any decisions this year, as the snake is a symbol of wisdom and deep thinking.

For Pisces (20 February-20 March), the year of the snake will be interesting, simply put. In 2013, they should be very careful, because they will be subject to monitoring by their partner in love and superiors at work.

It is important that existing duties are not neglected, either to the people you work with, that you have contact in everyday life with, or your partner. Most efforts should be aimed at maintaining the correct attitude towards others. Do not allow the mind to constantly and continually engage in thoughts on business matters.

In the financial world, the year of the snake will be very beneficial for the representatives of the Pisces sign. They will have a significant increase in revenue. With the good organization of your time and the correct distribution of efforts, you will be able to complete an important project or make a large purchase.

This year, it is important for Pisces to strengthen their influence over others through careful, tactful and diplomatic relations. The relationship with your loved one will have a constantly cheerful mood throughout the year. Your health will not cause you problems. During the first days of summer, travel is not recommended as it will not be beneficial.


In 2013, you must focus on communication with family, friends and people in higher places. It is not advisable to allow unfamiliar people to get too close. Original ideas should be used to achieve more independence in making important business decisions.

Even after accepting advice provided by others, Pisces should be aware that the final decision is their own. In love, Pisces’ responsibilities will significantly increase, but the closeness and understanding with your partner will be greater than ever. Weekends should be devoted to relatives.

In early autumn, people under this sign will be tasked with new responsibilities in the workplace. Try to keep up with the pace of your work, do not allow yourself to be distracted and preoccupied even for a moment. Avoid excessive tension and stress in everyday life, as it will negatively affect your health.

Your desire to harmonize your intimate and professional life will give you the chance to make a breakthrough at work, while at the same time allowing you enough time for adventure and love on the weekends.

Do not make hasty purchases, because it can lead to financial difficulties. In terms of health, you must take care of yourself. Travelling to closer locales will have a positive effect.