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Year of the Wood Goat for Pisces


According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the wood goat will begin on February 19, 2015 and end on February 16, 2016. As a whole, it portends of world peace and prosperity.

For the zodiac sign of Pisces, the year of the wood goat is expected to be a lot better than the past several years. If representatives of this sign do not go with the flow, they will have wonderful opportunities for professional success.

Even though they're used to things simply happening on their own, Pisces will have to prove their responsibility and initiative more than once. The wood goat will shine the spotlight on them, forcing them to get out of their seclusion.

The period will be exceptionally benign for them to earn a promotion, as long as those born under this sign prove the trustworthiness bestowed to them.

No particular hardships are expected in the financial aspect, even though this will be a year that will constantly encourage wasteful spending. If they do not succumb to the negative influences of adversaries, Pisces will have financial security at all times.

Pisces woman

What's important is for them to count on their own abilities and not rely on the aid of anyone else, which will ultimately turn out to be not as noble as it had initially seemed.

Health-wise, the Chinese calendar will once again be benevolent toward this zodiac sign. The only condition is for them to not get over exhausted, because the insufficiency of vitamins and energy will be destructive on the delicate psyche of Pisces and there does exist the possibility of them feeling worn out.

In the love aspect, the year of the wood goat predicts changeable events. Until the 1st half of April, Pisces will feel distrust toward their partner.

Singles of this sign will not display a loyal interest regarding the opposite sex, they will rather seek flings. However, the situation will change drastically in May.

Those who are in a relationship will attain a whole new level in their intimate relationships, driving them to serious actions and decisions.

If you're planning a wedding this year, it would be best if it is after the 2nd half of May.