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Destiny of the Libra Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The Libra ascendant focuses on the main aspect deeply rooted in itself - justice. People of this ascendant are characterized by an open nature and inborn diplomacy.

Persons of the Libra ascendant always try to make sure everyone's satisfied. Skillfully, they manage to find balance between themselves and the others around them.

Others gain their trust easily, while they live up to this trust with honesty and a good attitude. Because of this they often become referees in situations that require a just decision to be made.

They are extraordinary realists. In life they always seek the perfect environment, where everyone gets what they need. They're constantly helping others, with this transforming them into the best possible friends and partners, both in personal and in business relations.

When it comes to situations that require final and categorical decisions, people of the Libra ascendant try to once again ease and balance relations with others.

They prefer undertaking lengthy and complex diplomatic moves, instead of being straightforward. Modest in their communication, they always seek the path of least resistance.


Free-hearted and open about their feelings, they are not perfect - especially in their intimate partnerships where they are capable, without any visible cause, to strain their relations to the limit.

Even so, they undoubtedly need someone close to them since they are used to sharing their life. In fact it is the people around them that give meaning to their intentions and they require their approval and support.

Folks belonging to the Libra ascendant choose a type of job that has to do with communication with other people. In the majority of cases, it is also related to high pay, a good name and fame.

Despite this they always have a tendency to give way, since they don't like imposing themselves or seeking their own self-fulfillment and realization at all costs. They care about their outer appearance as well but again - not at all costs.

They seek security in their partners. Often they are stormy, dynamic and non-oriented. The Libra ascendant tends to give way and make compromises for the sake of his partner's comfort.

But if they get tired of this position, they may feel exhausted and give off vagaries, something quite uncharacteristic of their true self.