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Destiny of the Capricorn Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

If your ascendant is Capricorn, you are used to getting everything you've set as a goal. Your passion for success plays a leading role, in combination with perseverance and strict consistency.

Calmness and even temperament are typical of folks belonging to the Capricorn ascendant.

Even if something seems beyond their abilities, they have a tendency to dedicate years to it until it finally happens. This purposefulness leads them to the wrong path at times but once they take something up they do not let anything or anyone discourage them from their conviction.

At times, people of this ascendant are fatalistically inclined. They consciously hype up the severity of the situation to provide it the necessary amount of seriousness. Often they are dissatisfied in life, primarily due to their inability to relax.

Persons with a Capricorn ascendant rarely leave things unsettled. They take advantage of every opportunity presented, aiming to build something around them. This defines their life's journey - to achieve something worthwhile.


They strive to take the difficult road toward their goals, believing the easy way to be unserious. It's typical of them to ask themselves fundamental life questions, especially ones related to their ensured future.

In their life's journey they are often forced to make extreme choices and decisions. Among the hardest is the choice between career and family. Usually, their career stands at the central core of their life, along with the position they've achieved through it.

In family, if they've managed to create one, they take on a leading role. Everyone depends on them not only financially but also for resolving all kinds of life and personal problems.

If you are of the Capricorn ascendant, you are likely exceptionally demanding of yourself. Often, unjustifiably, you underestimate yourself. You have forged an image of a serious, consistent and hard-working person, which makes you suitable for any position.

The limitations and sacrifices you make in your life are rewarded with successes. However, when you fail to achieve something you become frivolous and spontaneous.