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Destiny of the Leo Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

People with a Leo ascendant stand out with a strong but magnanimous character. They are artistic, fun and in general the life of the party.

Valuing risk, these types of people radiate magnetism and charm. They quickly become the center of attention. In fact their goal is just that. They always try to get noticed and evaluated by the people around them.

They possess an inborn sense of what others like. Additionally, they prefer the company of people with a positive attitude toward them. Because of this their group of friends consists mainly of people with a weaker and non-initiative temperament, among which they can stand out.

Even though they love their public appearances, individuals under the Leo ascendant don't take negative criticism too well. They see it as a sign of hostility and take up the same position.

They can only accept another's point of view if it's to their advantage. If not, they would never admit their mistakes and shortcomings.


A person with a Leo ascendant has a particular view about their personal space and that is that he doesn't share it with anyone. Their pride often prevents them from having pure and genuine relationships with others. Their inner circle is small and comprised of selectively chosen people.

In their life's journey they only pursue goals that would benefit them. They avoid areas that would only use up their energy and not bring them dividends.

If they take something up it needs to bring them to a leadership position. They make safe bets only, especially if it will bring them the recognition of others.

At times it's as if the Leo ascendant sets unrealistic goals. But with their organizational sense and creative impulse, they often astound the world with their talents. Successfully and with dedication they fight to the end.

In their personal relationships these persons require having their own personal freedom. To feel perfect, they demand that the person next to them prove their love with gestures of attention, a good attitude, peaceful communication and complete adoration overall.

They demand feeling like an object of fascination and exceptional attention. To meet all these criteria, their partner needs to be maximally compliant and tolerant of their every whim.