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Destiny of the Taurus Ascendant

Jana G.Jana G.

The ascendant has a profound effect on people's fate, regardless of their zodiac sign. The ascendant is the sign that is the expression of your qualities in society. This is the way in which others see you and determines how your life might change.

Persons of the Taurus ascendant are extremely calm and look as if nothing could possibly make them flare up, not even for a moment. If you are a Taurus ascendant, you are subject to Venus and will always live in an atmosphere of romance, love and creative inspiration which is determinant of your relations with people.

For you the most important thing in life is harmonious communication and a peaceful setting. Oftentimes, individuals with a Taurus ascendant become designers, musicians, architects. You never interpose your opinion on others and are not the type of person to give unwanted advice.

But when you have an opinion on a given issue, nothing is capable of changing it. You tend to forgive mistakes made by your friends but you never forget them and remind them when appropriate so they don't think you to be weak of character.


Individuals of the Taurus ascendant are often thought by others as lazy but this is not so much owed to actual laziness as to the slow movements that are characteristic for them. The essential thing for you is to feel comfortable in a perfect environment, surrounded by those closest to you.

You dislike large groups of people, you feel better hanging out with a few friends closest to you and being able to share everything with them. It's a little difficult for you to find happiness in love because you don't believe that you should have to fight for romantic relationships.

If someone is in love with you deeply enough, you may allow them to speak with you more closely but not before torturing them significantly. You hold the principal belief that it's best to wait for the right moment instead of wasting time dealing with nonsense.

Jealousy is foreign to you but you don't like being made to look like a fool in front of others. When you find your partner you feel happy and would have a hard time changing your opinion of them, unless they really try to show their negative sides.

For you, the amount of time spent cozily at home is highly precious, so you always take care for everything to be beautiful and tidy to your taste. When you sit down to eat, your appetite might vanish if not everything is served as if it were a formal dinner.