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Destiny of the Gemini Ascendant

Jana G.Jana G.

The ascendant plays a vital role in the life of every person. To determine one's ascendant, consider the person's exact hour of birth, as well as the exact geographical coordinates where they were born. The ascendant affects the person's destiny independent of their zodiac sign.

If your ascendant is Gemini, the initial conception people form when they see you is that of a very energetic person. You are constantly in motion, your gaze shifts from one spot to another, while sitting unmoving in a chair just isn't your style.

Uneasiness is part of your personality. Unfortunately, you must admit that you get tired of nearly everything and everyone very quickly and that something truly spectacular has to happen in order to surprise you. You have the need to always keep changing something.

Gemini is a dual sign and for people of this ascendant, the expression of it lies in the eternal union of opposites. You can feel happy and sad at the same time, be satisfied with what you've achieved so far but also discontent because you want to achieve more and more.

Every obstacle that gets in the way of a goal irritates you to no end and may even cause a serious nervous breakdown.


Persons of a Gemini ascendant get along excellent with others and owe their rise in career primarily to their brilliant communication skills.

You have a never-ending need of people who are fans of your talents and listeners of your thoughts. You are quick to anger but quick to calm.

You find it difficult to forgive but when it comes to true friends you make exceptions and forget any insults.

You are reserved and even though you are emotional you try to make decisions based on your reason, not your feelings. You love to travel and change your partners frequently. Even if you find the partner that's ideal according to you, eventually you are disappointed and after the breakup you once again seek your ideal.

You are capable of achieving serious successes in the field of business and art. Mercury is your guardian and you'll easily win any battles for leadership positions, no matter the field. But things will go best for you in the fields of marketing and creativity.