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Unexpected Features Of Pisces

Nina NordNina Nord
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Those born under the sign of Pisces believe they know what others are thinking. They require the best from others, but they themselves tend to give the minimum of what they are capable of.

They live in a fantasy world and believe that others are not worthy of their company because they are more important.

Pisces tend to make major sacrifices, but are also capable of treachery. Those born under the sign of Pisces are too sensitive and like to spend a great part of their time in self-pity.

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They can easily be recognized among the crowd - they have a look that distinguishes them from others. Pisces tend not to return their loans for years, believing that’s what friends are for.

To develop, people born under the sign of Pisces, need solitude. For them it is a common characteristic to spend almost their entire life thinking and a small part of it actually taking action.

They are subject to moods that change for no apparent reason. They need to feel coveted - they must be invited at least twice before actually agreeing to come visit you or to go with you to the movies.

Pisces often go through long periods of depression. They have a highly developed intuition, but sometimes this confuses them and they begin to think they know everything.

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It is typical for them to lie at times. They think of themselves as fighters for justice, but are constantly caught in their own lies.

Pisces love to pretend to be psychoanalysts and help others to solve their problems, but when it comes to solving their own, they are helpless.

Pisces do not like to work or do anything unless it brings them pleasure or very significant financial rewards. In love, they are fickle, but find it difficult to decide to break up with their partner.

Often they maintain relations with their past partners because they feel them to be part of their lives.

Pisces are happy with Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus, but do not feel too good with Libra and Gemini.



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26.04.2013 16:01
there are Pisces kind and Pisces nasty, first had all the good properties and second has all bad proprerties.
It is my experience...