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Destiny of the Aquarius Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Each zodiac sign has its own ascendant. It is determined based on your date and hour of birth. Persons with an Aquarius ascendant are exceptionally independent, with a strong spirit and alert mind.

Representatives of the Aquarius ascendant often prove their individuality through their original ideas. They love taking on tasks that others see as beyond their abilities. They go well beyond the limits with the aid of their free spirit.

Conventional norms in their mind simply do not exist. Their deep intuition and intellectual insight lead them to follow the hard road, since they truly believe that they can show the world that they make their own path in life. This is one of the few things that can bring them satisfaction from life.

The life destiny of people of the Aquarius ascendant revolves around their aim of constant development. They're always improving their skills, no matter what their interests are expressed in.

Their workplace and social circle are chosen strictly in this direction. They love themselves, with this sometimes turning into an egotistical mania. They rush headfirst into any challenge that's worth it. They can't stand the routine and boring way of life.


The Aquarius ascendant is always desiring to express himself in a new, unique way. Depending on the personality of the individual, this varies from extraordinary originality to a one-of-a-kind and inimitable character.

If your ascendant is Aquarius, your mind is most likely encyclopedic in nature. You hoard knowledge, which can sometimes even seem redundant. Even so, you always know when and how exactly to use it.

You're constantly seeking an explanation for whatever is happening, while you always find common ground when communicating with others. Even when you see yourself as the smartest and greatest. Often you fall into the role of a confessor and adviser without actively trying to.

Representatives of the Aquarius ascendant are the embodiment of humanism. They accept changes slowly and are hard to impress. They see the world around them differently by passing it through their own prism and understanding.

Children of the Aquarius ascendant mature faster than their contemporaries. They are oriented toward science, while reaching a metaphysical awareness in fields such as philosophy and religion.

Numerous enlighteners in the fields of science, spiritualism and philosophy that have changed our understanding of the world belong to this ascendant.