Shortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac Sign
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Shortcomings of the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Each person has their own shortcomings, and according to astrologers these depend on the zodiac sign the person was born under. Individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign have their good sides but also many flaws, which usually cause suffering to those closest to them.

Pisces are kind but don't like responsibility. They are always ready to help but if they have to take responsibility for someone or even their own actions, they fall into a panic, even if they don't show it.

When something isn't working out, they want someone else to take the blame for it. Not because they want someone else to suffer because of them, Pisces simply can't handle the burden of guilt.

Pisces will always come to the aid of someone in trouble but often needs help himself. The great flaw of people of this sign is that they don't feel good enough in real life, so they often escape from it into their own fantasy world.


Pisces are dreamers who don't care about life's issues, bills and simple everyday things needed for a normal existence. Those born under this sign can even end up reading their favorite book while their entire house remains a mess.

They are adventurers and find it completely normal to spend their last penny at an expensive restaurant with their best friends, even with unpaid bills piling up and no paycheck in sight.

Pisces are fun and pleasant company but when it comes to family life it's a little difficult to get used to their constant drifting off into their own little world, where they don't have to do anything boring like work or taking care of the house. Pisces become good parents but they just can't teach their kids manners and always spoil them.

For Pisces, cheating is nothing bad, as long as there's no feelings put into it. Persons of this sign find it absolutely normal to love their life partner, while at the same time giving in to love affairs that don't mean anything to them.

Quite often, Pisces tend to skirt around the truth, just to avoid a problem. They are extremely naive and can be easily lied to.

They are like little kids that constantly need to have someone take care of them and protect them from the bad things in life.