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Destiny of the Scorpio Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

A unique spiritual presence, authentic optimism and unwavering self are characteristic of the Scorpio ascendant. Their life is exceptionally successful and they often become support for others.

People of the Scorpio ascendant have an extraordinarily strong aura, which demands the respect of others. The magnetism with which they do everything creates the image of people with a solid personal opinion, who are convinced in their rightness. When something gets on their mind, they are resolute in their intentions and positive of a favorable outcome.

In their life's journey, these individuals overcome everything that gets in their way with ease. Every single obstacle pushes them to fight ever more zealously. Often they take on tasks that at 1st glance seem beyond their abilities just so they can prove to themselves and the world that they can do anything. Generally, they walk along the edge of own their abilities.

On the outside, persons of the Scorpio ascendant are kind and friendly. But when the situation calls for it, they rapidly become confident and bold. Just by looking at them, a person would be able to tell that they are strong willed. They have a tendency to change but only if they themselves wish it.


Life is like an open book for these people. The only hindrance is the personal relations, where they themselves complicate everything. Willful and calm, on the inside they are boiling up from their energy. They leave their distinct mark in life, without becoming overbearing or confronting anyone. Naturally accommodating, at times they are too capricious.

A distinctive trait for people of the Scorpio ascendant is the emotional connection they build with their friends. Even though they don't admit it, their only weakness is the people they are close to. When you become their friend they will be your source of support and optimism.

In their relationships with their partner they are patient to the point where they can infuriate them. The excessive over thinking and waiting for the appropriate moment can sometimes go on for years.

They don't like being controlled, they must always have the final say. Their trust is difficult to earn and then only from sincere and real people.