Beliefs about Wearing a CrossBeliefs about Wearing a Cross
22 Oct.
The cross is considered the most powerful Christian talisman, which is why so many believers wear it. Besides protecting us however, the relic can also warn of dangers, according to beliefs....
What are the Beliefs Related to Comets?What are the Beliefs Related to Comets?
21 Oct.
For centuries, the emergence of comets has been linked to upcoming natural cataclysms and disasters, as well as various strokes of bad luck. For so long, people were afraid of these tailed stars and even the brightest thinkers...
The Peculiar Beliefs of ItaliansThe Peculiar Beliefs of Italians
16 Nov.
When you make a toast in Italy, you need to be extremely careful not to cross arms with anyone at the table....
The Strangest Beliefs about HalloweenThe Strangest Beliefs about Halloween
31 Oct.
The observance of Halloween is also related to many strange beliefs. Here are some of the most unusual: - If a black cat crosses your path on Halloween, this is a sign of luck....
Strangest Beliefs from Around the WorldStrangest Beliefs from Around the World
27 Oct.
The belief states that this will draw tiny demons, which will torment you. Other terrifying beliefs plague men in Nigeria....
Easter BeliefsEaster Beliefs
22 Apr.
It is thought that all beliefs pertaining to love are true on Easter. If you hit your elbow somewhere, your ex still cannot forget you and will do everything possible to get you back....
Dreams related to prosecution are among the most commonDreams related to prosecution are among the most common
19 Feb.
Dreams related to prosecution are among the most common. As with most ordinary dreams, they are often the result of anxiety in your everyday life....
The Romans Celebrated Saturnalia the Week Before ChristmasThe Romans Celebrated Saturnalia the Week Before Christmas
19 Dec.
Saturn corresponds to the Greek god Cronus and Roman mythology held that during his reign there was equality, abundance and peace on the Earth....
The Belief in Witches Halts ProgressThe Belief in Witches Halts Progress
14 May
According to scientists, the belief in the supernatural is a way to maintain order in society but it is not the best way. The blind belief in the existence of witches unites people under the same norms of behavior....
Beliefs for Getting Rich from Around the WorldBeliefs for Getting Rich from Around the World
10 July
Every nationality has its own specific superstitions with which it believes it can attract money and luck to a person's life. Some of them believe in animal symbols, others in colors....
Phobias related to naturePhobias related to nature
30 Nov.
There are many people who suffer from phobias related to nature. One of these is limnophobia - fear of reservoirs....
If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishesIf the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes
28 Mar.
Since ancient times, cats have been known to attribute mystical powers. They were also considered to be the faithful servants of witches. Perhaps because of the glory that is to be carried in those times and passed into...
The mystery of talking crossesThe mystery of talking crosses
12 Oct.
Long before the emergence of European Christians, Mayans worshiped this cross as a symbol....
What Superstitions Relate to the Appearance of Comets?What Superstitions Relate to the Appearance of Comets?
26 Oct.
Woody Sullivan from the University of Washington also believes that their appearance was thought to be a bad omen....
Beliefs about SpidersBeliefs about Spiders
30 June
Our beliefs have melded with our everyday lives and surround us at any given moment. It is fascinating however, when looking at them separately. Such as beliefs about spiders, for example....

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