Beliefs about Spiders

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Our beliefs have melded with our everyday lives and surround us at any given moment. It is fascinating however, when looking at them separately. Such as beliefs about spiders, for example.

Ever since ancient times, spiders have been a source of superstitions and prejudices. They are linked with numerous legends and are present in the mythologies of exceptionally many peoples. Their symbolism however, is never identical.

In Africa, the spider is accepted as a supreme god, who can be quite naughty and wiggly at the same time. The ancient Greeks, as well as the Scandinavian peoples, on the other hand, believed spiders to be weavers of people's fate, capable of linking the past with the future.

Black widow

The Japanese, in turn, believe that the Spider Queen sets traps for unsuspecting travelers, while the Native American Pueblo people consider the Spider Queen to be the creator of the universe.

In Christianity, the spider also bears symbolism. It represents human vulnerability and the seduction of evil. Here, the superstition is a contradiction, that it's bad luck to kill a spider - when King Herod was killing newborns in Bethlehem, a spider spun a web around Jesus and so hid him from the killers.

Nowadays, most people believe that if they step on an insect, it will bring them bad luck. Others expect good news if they see it crawling along its web, while still others prepare for cash proceeds if it crawls on them.

In general, the majority of superstitions related to spiders are exceptionally positive. And here is some proof:

- If you see a spider run along its web in the afternoon, this means that you'll travel.


- If a spider is climbing up its strand, you'll receive good news. To see it go down its strand - good news, as long as the spider doesn't reach the floor.

- If a spider spins a web in the morning, it's good luck.

- If you find a spider in the bathroom - expect pleasant news.

- If you see a spiderweb in the opening of a door, a guest will visit you.

And overall - the presence of a spider has to do with good things, especially if it is on your clothes or in your pocket - this means that you'll become rich.

As with all other creatures loaded with symbolism however, sometimes the spider is a bearer of bad news as well:

- If you witness a spider in the morning, it means grief.

- If you see a spider around lunchtime, it means fear.

- If you see a spider at night, it means financial loss.

- If you dig up an anthill, it will rain the next day.

- If you find a spider at night, loss awaits you, if you find one at noon - troubles, and if in the morning - sadness.