Easter Beliefs

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Easter Bunny

On the eve before Easter, bring water from a well or directly from the tap in the kitchen. Sprinkle your household rooms with this water and your child's room especially thoroughly. This will expunge any sins, bad thoughts and evil.

A child born during Holy Week and especially if born on Easter, will have luck in every aspect and will never complain of poor health.

Young women who have not yet received a marriage proposal must say the following words a few minutes before the advent of Easter: Christ is risen! Send me a man to make me happy!

It is thought that all beliefs pertaining to love are true on Easter. If you hit your elbow somewhere, your ex still cannot forget you and will do everything possible to get you back.

dyed eggs

If an insect falls in your food plate, an old friend will call you for a date, which will change many things in your life. If your lower lip itches, expect a new love.

It is believed that on the eve before Easter, no loud ruckus must be made. Otherwise, you will attract all evil and negative energies to your home.

Orthodox Christians greet each other with "Christ is risen! , " and the answer, "Truly he is risen! , " for an entire 40 days after Easter.

Easter itself is celebrated for 7 days, i.e. the entire week and that's why it's called Holy Week. Each day bears a holy name: Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday...

Even if you do not like someone, if right on Easter they ask you for a favor, or an old friend, which you are at odds with, tries to ask for your forgiveness, say your prejudices aside and be a good Christian.