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What Dreams Related to Various Professions Foretell


Dreams are difficult to interpret, with no 2 seers divining the same thing. Dreams related to specific professions are an even greater challenge - regardless of whether you dream you're an architect, for example, or meeting an architect.

Dreams having to do with occupations are particularly intriguing because within them lies a subconscious trail that we can follow to determine what we can expect in the future. Below you'll find the likely meaning behind these dreams.

1. Author

If you're an author in real life and you dream that you're editing your work, watch out for problems. If, on the other hand, you dream that your publisher has turned down your work, don't worry, as this is a nearly sure sign that it will actually be published.


2. Lawyer

If you dream that you're talking to a lawyer, it means you have need of advice but if you dream that you're a lawyer, then prepare for soon-to-come success in your undertakings.

3. Acrobat

Whether you simply dream of an acrobat or imagine yourself as one in your dream, this type of dream is a positive one. It portends of material and non-material benefits.

4. Actor

Most dream interpreters link dreams with actors to the dreamer's need for attention and recognition. But it can also foretell that you're acting duplicitously and hiding behind a mask.

5. Midwife

Prepare for happiness within the family if you have a partner. But if you're not married, you may be insulted.

6. Potter

No matter how you dream of a potter, this kind of dream brings good news and prosperity.

7. Detective

If you dream that there's a detective following you, it's good luck. But if you dream that you yourself are a detective, it's important to quickly resolve the problems bothering you because later may be too late.

8. Orchestra Conductor

You're letting others get involved in your personal life.

9. Dentist

Quarrels and arguments await you.

10. Engineer

You're going to be happy to meet with old friends.

11. Doctor

You're worried that you're suffering from a serious illness but this is actually a symbol of family problems.


12. Shoemaker

You've got some hard work ahead of you but you're quickly going to reap success.

13. Firefighter

If you see a firefighter in a dream, expect misfortune. If you dream of a firefighter putting out a fire, expect happiness and prosperity.