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Strangest Beliefs from Around the World


Since the world began, people have believed in superstitions and have been guided by them. In the different countries around the world, there are all sorts of beliefs.

In Denmark for example, broken objects bring happiness. The Danes gather up all broken objects and bring them to friends and relatives on New Year's eve.

The more broken things you bring when you go to visit, the more luck the residents of the home will have.

In Egypt, people are very careful with their scissors. It is considered unacceptable for a person to open scissors without using them for their intended purpose. It is believed to be extremely unlucky to leave open scissors just lying about somewhere.


Haitians appear to have a special attitude toward their mothers. There it is believed that a person can lose their mother if they only eat the tops of watermelons, crawl on their hands and knees, sweep during the evening hours or walk around with just 1 shoe.

Indians also have some specific beliefs. If living according to their ways, you must not clip your nails on Tuesday or Saturday. Washing your hair on Thursday and Saturday will also bring you bad luck in India.

In Lithuania, it is thought dangerous to whistle with your mouth indoors. The belief states that this will draw tiny demons, which will torment you.

Other terrifying beliefs plague men in Nigeria. According to local superstition, men need to be very careful with brooms, for if they hit themselves with one, they will become impotent.


Most people are afraid of spiders and panic if they see one. In Qatar, however, they are seen in a positive light. Based on their superstitions, not only are spiders not scary, they can extinguish fires and should not be killed.

In Rwanda, close attention is paid to what little girls eat. Beginning in early childhood, girls are told that they shouldn't eat goat meat, lest they want goatees to grow on their faces.

In France, stepping in dog poo can determine a person's luck. Good fortune is in store for you if you step in it with your left foot. But if you step on it with your right foot, you will suffer bad luck.