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Beliefs and cats

Beliefs and cats

Recently in England the view has spread that keeping cats means there is love in the home.

For Britons, it means that in a house that has cat the love never ends.

When a cat sneezes in Japan they all say "Hi! "According to Japanese belief if greeting a cat when sneezing, a whole year after they would not have problems with teeth.

If your cat sneezes frequently then visits to the dentist become unnecessary for years to come. Americans, however, treat the cat with reservations.

According to them, if you set the bride and then appears a cat the morning before the wedding, her family life will be full of scandals.

On the day of a German brides wedding if a cat is to be seen at the church means the marriage consigns them to a complete failure, so some brides cancel the wedding.

French people think that if you wake a sleeping cat, you will not hold love for long. Residents of the French province of Brittany predicted a recent marriage of a man whose cat passed by his chair.

Therefore, owners of Pubs in the area fed several cats to restock the bachelors.