Beliefs about Wearing a Cross

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The cross is considered the most powerful Christian talisman, which is why so many believers wear it. Besides protecting us however, the relic can also warn of dangers, according to beliefs.

According to folk beliefs, the cross can be an indicator of the mental condition of the person wearing it.

Christian tradition has immensely enriched the symbolism of the cross, imparting the image of the suffering and salvation of Jesus Christ in it.

When it comes to beliefs about the cross, the main restriction is not to wear anyone else's cross, since by putting it on we take on the sins of the person to whom the relic belongs.

For this same reason, you should never take a cross found on the street. Even though the symbol of the cross is positive, by picking it up from the ground, you can bring diseases and misfortune to your home.

If some time has passed since you've been wearing a cross on a chain around your neck and you notice that it has darkened - according to the beliefs, this is a sign that someone around you is having a negative influence on you.

If the chain with the cross breaks while you are wearing it, it is said that this means that someone has put a magic spell on you.

Cross symbolism

If you lose your cross while wearing it, expect serious problems and troubles in the future.

It is believed that if a person goes to a church to light a candle and confess his sins, after he sees the blessing, his problems may pass him by.

In Bulgarian ordinance, the cross plays a central role in burial rituals. Gravestones in the form of a cross in a graveyard play the role of a substitute for the deceased. A circular gravestone cross is a sign that the deceased is female.

In the past, wooden tombstone crosses were used for ritualistic magic. If a drought lasted longer than usual, older women would throw a cross from the grave of an unknown deceased person into the river, with the goal being to call down the rains. Folk healers would use the splinters of a wooden cross to chant or make smoke for those suffering from various diseases.