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Beliefs for Getting Rich from Around the World

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Every nationality has its own specific superstitions with which it believes it can attract money and luck to a person's life. Some of them believe in animal symbols, others in colors.


In Greece they believe in the saying Money goes to money and that's why they never leave their wallet empty. Greeks fill their wallets with coins in order to attract money to themselves. In addition, whenever they buy a new wallet or purse, they always place a hidden coin in it somewhere.


According to the Turks, the most potent symbol of eternal wealth is gold. In Turkey it's accepted to sleep over golden decorations or gold coins in order to get rich.

Attracting Money


In Japan the embodiment of eternal wealth is the snake. In the land of the rising sun they believe that wallets made out of snake skin or similar looking material will bring their owner heaps of money.


The Chinese have a clear set of rules from Feng Shui which are said to bring financial prosperity. One of them states that your wallet must be colored red - a symbol of prosperity and growth. Another belief is that you need to place a frog with a coin in its mouth in your home in order to attract money.


A figurine of an elephant, with its rear end facing a door, is the perfect amulet for becoming rich, according to Indian culture. The elephant is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.


The French believe that you won't have any problems with money if you simply pay attention to how you place your bread. According to their superstitions, a loaf of bread should never be placed upside down because this will bring poverty.


In Italy they have a well-known ritual during a full moon that can make you rich. It is called Benvenuta Luna che mi porti fortuna or Welcome, moon and may you bring me good fortune. These words need to be spoken while holding silver coins in both your hands.

The Philippines

Filipinos believe in coincidental signs of fate that indicate that one will soon get rich. They say that if you break an egg and 2 egg yolks come out or your right arm gets itchy, you'll be opulent very soon.