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If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes

If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes

Since ancient times, cats have been known to attribute mystical powers. They were also considered to be the faithful servants of witches.

Perhaps because of the glory that is to be carried in those times and passed into legend over the years, cats are disliked by many people today. On the other hand, cats are living near man with the dog from time of immemorial. The role of the dog is clear, to keep bad people from home or to hunt with its owner. While the role of the cat's at home is quite different, more like a mystical and other energy level.

Cats have the ability to enter your energy around you and to correct it, in most cases in a positive direction. It is believed that energy through the cat can correct other biofields or to fully recover it, if it is on the brink.

If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes

How does the cat help its owner?

When something is wrong around us we have a distorted energy aura. It is immediately noticed by the cat. Try to make your experiment. When everything in your life is fine, you are healthy, happy, and have no problems then the cat is calm, peaceful, sleeps, eat regularly and takes care of their hygiene thoroughly ... however, if there is anything unusual in the conduct of the home then the cat will immediately contact your attention! This means that something is wrong with you.

Cats do not tolerate family scandals. Place your experiment and you will see. Moreover, the cats always take the side of the wrongly accused party. And if someone after the scandal is accused of causing internal disaster, better ask the cat who is to blame? It always takes the side of the unjustly accused party.

Famous cat superstitions.