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Birthmarks are Related to a Past Life


The idea of rebirth is enshrined in many cultures and religions. According to followers of the occult, rebirth happens when a soul needs to learn lessons related to its past life. But are there scientific arguments to confirm the truth of this mystical process?

Rebirth is not something that can be explained with hard evidence but even so, scientists have enough reasons to believe that it does exist. Dr. Ian Stevenson, professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, spent nearly 40 years in researching stories of rebirth. Throughout his career, he met with over 3000 children, who claimed to have memories from past lives.

A greater part of those kids had birthmarks, which according to them were from a past life. A girl from India, born without fingers on one of her hands, claims that she lost them in an accident in her past life. She clearly remembers how she had got her hand stuck in a meat grinder, after which her fingers were amputated.

Another child, from Turkey, with an inborn malformation on its right ear, stated that it had died after being shot there.

Little Maha Rama from India was born with birthmarks on his chest. He is convinced that in his past life he was shot with a shotgun. The boy managed to support his claims with detailed accounts of the event.

After Dr. Ian Stevenson did some research, he actually managed to find information on a person who was reincarnated into today's Maha Rama. The birthmarks that the boy had were the same as those of the deceased.


A woman by the name of Karen Kubicko had a birthmark on her neck. She shares that in 2011, she received a vision which reminded her of her past life. In it, she was named Helen and died after being hit by a stray bullet.

According to Karen, the spot where she had the birthmark was the same one where the bullet hit her. Once the woman remembered her past life, the spot on her neck paled and practically vanished.

Another young woman shares that she was born with a spot on her leg. She says that she clearly remembers her past life, in which she died after a snake bit her on the leg. Her birthmark also disappeared after she recalled her past identity.