Tales of Alien abductionsTales of Alien abductions
08 July
In the twentieth century, stories of alien abductions were a real hit. In 1968, the American press had been inundated with details of the kidnapping of family Vidal from Buenos Aires....
True Alien EncountersTrue Alien Encounters
08 Jan.
Eduardo and his brother were scared when they realized that this must be an alien. A known case is that of kidnapped by aliens Jesse Long....
UFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographsUFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographs
27 Feb.
There are also reports of secret locations holding crashed UFOs and preserved bodies of that in which the aliens once inhibited....
Unsolved Cases of Mysteriously Disappeared PeopleUnsolved Cases of Mysteriously Disappeared People
24 Jan.
Several stories tell of people who have disappeared under rather mysterious circumstances and although they've left behind clues, no one has been able to determine what ultimately happened to them. Some of them had gone...
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
They hypothesize that the alien from Atacama was the result of a cross between a human and an alien. Extraterrestrial believers state that that would explain the human DNA found in the being....
The Kerch Alien Mystery - SolvedThe Kerch Alien Mystery - Solved
05 Sept.
The case came to be known as the Mystery of the Kerch Alien, with Kerch being the region in Russia where the remains had been discovered. Analyses showed that they are at least 2000 years old....
The Most Unusual Cases in Freud's PracticeThe Most Unusual Cases in Freud's Practice
09 Sept.
The Rat Man Case The analysis of Paul Lorenz, whose real name was Ernst Lanzer, is known in Freud's notes as the Rat Man case....
Dreaming of AliensDreaming of Aliens
13 Aug.
Dreams of aliens generally reflect your subconscious’ anticipation of upcoming changes in your life....
What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?
19 Feb.
Hovering shape in Birmingham - In this case we can't be sure if we're talking about a ghost or the representative of an alien race....
The Stephenville UFO CaseThe Stephenville UFO Case
31 Oct.
The case of the UFOs visiting Stephenville quickly gained popularity. Huge debates sparked up regarding the event. Those who believe in aliens are completely convinced that ships had visited the American city....
Aliens cure from leukemia?Aliens cure from leukemia?
20 Nov.
However, no medical undertaking her case was available to comment on whether Brandt was cured by medical assistance....
Can you Solve the 5 Most Convoluted Murder Cases?Can you Solve the 5 Most Convoluted Murder Cases?
20 Jan.
No evidence was ever found against them and the case was closed back in 2010. The Caylee Marie Anthony Case 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony was announced missing on July 15, 2008....
American Woman Finds Alien Body in her BackyardAmerican Woman Finds Alien Body in her Backyard
16 Nov.
It has stirred an upheaval of comments from most people who have seen it and the majority believe that it's an alien from another galaxy....
American surgeon pulls alien chips from human beingsAmerican surgeon pulls alien chips from human beings
14 Sept.
Patricia claimed after alien abduction she found five strange inplants in her body after random x-rays were taken. The doctor Roger Lake personally removed them from her feet....
American Scientist Claims to Have Found Alien Life FormsAmerican Scientist Claims to Have Found Alien Life Forms
06 Nov.
The latest innovation, which scientists will use to look for alien life, is an infrared telescope....

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