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The Silpho UFO Case Still a Mystery Today


A truly inexplicable event took place back in 1959. 3 men from the UK bore witness to a flying saucer. Researchers never were able to provide a decent explanation for it, while history will remember the mysterious event as the Silpho UFO case.

The disc in question was spotted at the beginning of December, when 3 friends were taking a walk near Yorkshire. They witnessed a strange, flying, oval-shaped machine above their heads and decided to follow it.

After the men reached the spot where the unusual craft had landed, they came upon an even stranger book. It consisted of metal sheets, with each sheet containing bizarre hieroglyphs.

Later, the unique object was given over to investigators but researchers were unable to discern where the book came from, nor what it actually said.

Symbols similar to the hieroglyphs in it have been seen before but unfortunately no one was able to decipher them because the strange find mysteriously disappeared.