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American Scientist Claims to Have Found Alien Life Forms

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The NASA astrobiologist Richard Hoover has found cosmic fossilized microbes in the Orgueil meteorite.

The scientist found large, complex fibers in the spaces within the meteorite. According to him, these fibers show proof of extraterrestrial life forms.

Some of the found fossils look like Earthly bacteria, such as cyanobacterium - a microorganism which aided in creating appropriate conditions for life on Earth through the production of oxygen.

The other bacteria present are unknown to science.

Hoover claims that they are quite strange and it is difficult to identify and analyze them.

The discovery has a great significance for the theories that allege that life on Earth came from space.


If scientists are able to analyze the microbes, it may be proven that humans are a result of life that evolved in space.

It is a face that the number of witnessed and photographed UFOs in recent years has increased dramatically.

The Ministry of Defence in Britain recently promised to declassify documents based on this subject.

According to sources, the British have over 4500 pages, dealing with the discovery of extraterrestrials.

The latest innovation, which scientists will use to look for alien life, is an infrared telescope.

The giant telescope is with a detailed resolution and can find traces of heat in every single planet of the solar system.


The creators' thought process behind the telescope is that every civilization uses energy, regardless of its level of development.

For decades, experts have been looking for extraterrestrials with the aid of radio telescopes, based on the idea that radio, television and mobile communication give off waves around a planet, which constantly spread out in all directions.

So far, those telescopes have not show any good result.

From 1995 until today, 900 exoplanets have been found outside our solar system.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that it is possible for some of these planets to harbor some form of life.