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The Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists


The tiny body of the strange humanoid being that was found in the Atacama desert more than 10 years ago and was featured in the documentary film Sirius threw a bombshell among extraterrestrial believers and became the topic of heated debate in social media.

On October 19, 2003, Oscar Muñoz found a small object wrapped in dirty rags while seeking artifacts in the ghost town of La Noria. Once he unwrapped the find, he was surprised to discover that he was holding the corpse of a never-before-seen creature in his hands. From that point on, the entire world was shocked by the tiny alien, while numerous leading ufologists backed the claim that it could be nothing other than an extraterrestrial.

The Atacama creature was finally examined in 2012. Scientists noticed right off the bat that it had hard teeth, an elongated skull, a dark colored body and 9 pairs of ribs. In addition, they also found the remains of well-developed lungs and a heart.

Throughout a period of 6 months, the experts subjected the body of the "alien" to all sorts of tests, including DNA analysis, x-ray and CT scans. Ultimately, what they found disappointed them, simply stated. The results showed that the "alien" was in fact human. Ufologists are certain that the origins of the 6″ (15 cm) creature need to be sought on our own planet.

"I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that the corpse is not of a monkey. It most likely belonged to a human, who lived 6 to 8 years. It was apparent that it did breathe, eat and digest its food. However, it is not clear how big it was when it was born, " explains American researcher Garry Nolan.

Nolan and his colleagues are absolutely certain that the corpse in question belongs to a human, who suffered from a very rare mutation. The person was male and died several years after his birth.

Some ufologists, on the other hand, do not agree with the opinion of their colleagues. According to them, it's not possible for this to simply be a person with a mutation. They hypothesize that the alien from Atacama was the result of a cross between a human and an alien.

Extraterrestrial believers state that that would explain the human DNA found in the being.