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The Stephenville UFO Case


Many people have claimed to have seen extraterrestrials in the sky. The case in Stephenville, Texas is considered by ufologists to be one of the most reliable.

Everything began on January 8, 2008. Nothing during that ordinary day gave a clue to the residents of the American city that from then on, their lives would change forever.

A little before 7 PM, something occurred, that they would hardly ever forget. Thanks to their stories, the world would later learn of the Stephenville Case.

"At first I saw 4 discs in the sky, whose lights practically blinded me. Then 5 more UFOs appeared. They began glowing in sync and forming different figures in the sky.

At first, there was a rhombus visible, a second later, you could see a triangle in the skies. Initially, I thought I was going crazy but since I was not alone, my coworker was seeing the exact same thing that I was, " explained former city sheriff Lee Gayton.

After the phenomenal event which he became an unexpected witness to, he headed right for the police station. Upon arriving at his work establishment, he witnessed severe chaos and panic.


For obvious reasons, concerned citizens began phoning the police station, asking what they should do in the event of an attack by extraterrestrial invaders. Ultimately, police recorded a total of 80 such calls.

"A local farmer said he saw a metal disc, as large as 3 football fields, flying past his house. Another person swore that he was abducted along with his car and dog. That last testimony however, doesn't seem completely authentic to me, " stated the sheriff.

Another eyewitness wondered, "I don't know how it's possible to make a ship from a single piece of metal, without any bolts and rivets."

The case of the UFOs visiting Stephenville quickly gained popularity. Huge debates sparked up regarding the event. Those who believe in aliens are completely convinced that ships had visited the American city.

Skeptics however, wonder how only 70-80 people became witnesses, bearing in mind that the city's population exceeds 17 000.