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Aliens hiding in the depths of the ocean

Aliens hiding in the depths of the ocean

Experts in the field of national defense in United States do not preclude aliens from other worlds such as being rushed into the depths of the ocean and watching people from the seabed, the newspaper Weekly World News notes.

Experts are concerned about a sharp increase over the last months of the number of unidentified underwater objects (NGOs).

According to the reports of experts around the world they have registered more than a thousand such objects and the number is increasing every day.

Weird underwater objects were found in different parts of the world, but their descriptions match the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, acknowledged Dr. Michael Simmons, a marine biologist who maintains a high level of contacts with the Pentagon. These NGOs have a length of about 150 meters, similar in shape to that known to us as flying saucers and moving under water not very fast. They are able to reach greater depths, but can quickly rise to the surface of the water. Over the past thirty years we have received information on such underwater objects but they have been extremely rare. But in the past three months the number of messages has increased sharply. Looks like we have a job with a massive alien invasion.

Experts believe that they are using the planets oceans of our planet as a basis for recovery. Under water is relatively easy for them to hide, since they reach those depths, which us people cannot reach.

Alien spacecraft can withstand the enormous pressures underwater. Besides that, experts believe that they can also transmit information about the people of his planet.