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UFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographs

UFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographs

When there is a claim made to UFO sightings more and more questions arise regarding the existence of these so to be creatures. What are they? What capabilities do they have? How long have the existed? Are they that of a copy from the Steven King movies or the scary monsters taken from the first horrors made in the past?

The evidence in general is quite the same from the claims worldwide; abductions, photographs of UFO so called sightings, physical evidence such as environmental changes in trees and vegetation etc. There are also reports of secret locations holding crashed UFOs and preserved bodies of that in which the aliens once inhibited.

The quantity of reports coming from worldwide destinations are many of thousands even millions but the quality as told from open minded scientist and sceptics that a number of UFO researchers advocate the authenticity of the various reports of UFOSs being sighted.

A nuclear physicist and a leading UFO researcher Stanton Friedman tells us the evidence is overwhelming that shows us of the UFO space crafts visiting the Earth. Stanton is also a popular author of many many articles and books on UFOs. Scientific studies teaches us that trips to the stars are possible without invoking techniques propounded in the fiction of science, and certainly will not violate any laws of physics.

Ohio - UFOs sightings

Noticing two bright lights directed towards the ground flashing in kinds of positions the veteran officer described the sighting like the wig wags on the police cars. The lights were actually situated on a simply craft flying around in a circle of a large radius soon disappearing towards the southwest away from where the officer was stationed.

California – Photographs taken

Man standing outside his home at 2:16pm decided to take photos of the sky above when looking back at these photographs he observed objects in the clouds. When he began to take the photos he states there was nothing to be seen in the clouds at the time.

UFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographs

England - UFO sightings

These are of the most recent that of being reported in January 2007 at 3:00pm, While photographing birds as a hobby the polish residing in Corby, Northamptonshire noticed that on photographing he captured a strange object but could not find a reasonable explanation for the finding. The objects were like balloons but he tells of not seeing this object on time of photographing.

Chile – Photographs

During this mans working day in Los Confines airfield an airplane mechanic had taken the photo in November 2006 with his digital camera. He only became aware of the UFOs presence on reviewing the photographs he had taken of the area.

Russia – UFO sighted

Hovering about the regional center above General Butkov street Kaliningrad, a yellowish elongated object was photographed in the sky by a student. The noisy UFO slowly moved towards the Pregal River!