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Alien Mummies from Peru Could Turn Human History on its Head

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Peru Mummies

A collection of Peruvian extraterrestrial mummies has sent ripples through the scientific community. Immediately after they were shown to the world, experts questioned their authenticity.

The mummies were actually unearthed last year during excavation near the city of Nazca in southern Peru. Their anatomical structure has led researchers to doubt that they belong to humans.

According to Russian experts, prof. Konstantin Korotkov, who reported on them, has a rather dubious reputation. If the mummies are real, the logical question arises of why there aren't peer-reviewed articles about them in big-name journals such as Science or Nature.


A team of St. Petersburg researchers collected tissue samples from Peru and sent them back to Russia. Analysis showed that the strange-looking mummies with elongated heads and 3 fingers on each hand did have 23 pairs of chromosomes, which is the same number found in humans.

One of the mummies has been named Maria. She was a woman living in the 5th century - a time before the Europeans came to America. Her discoverers are adamant that she belonged to a race that became extinct due to flooding or an asteroid impact. Alongside Maria was found a mummy of a 9-year-old girl, named Vavita, as well as 4 other male mummies.

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov is still faced with the task of finishing his analyses and determining whether the shapes of all the chromosomes of all the amino acids match ours. This would be strange, considering the physical appearance of the mummies. Each of them is miniature in size, with 2 hands, 2 feet, a head, pair of eyes and mouth.

So far, tomographic scans have shown that in essence they belonged to humans. But prof. Korotkov, known for his documentary about the memory of water, books about life after death, as well as photos of souls leaving their dead bodies, does not agree 100% with this claim. He believes that these mummies don't belong to humans. At least not entirely.

ET Mummies

According to Korotkov, the skeletons could very well belong to extraterrestrials or cyborgs. And while their DNA proves them to be human, the professor believes it highly likely that they could still belong to an ancient tribe or extraterrestrial race. He points to the 3 fingers on their hands, the strangely shaped chest cavity and unusual tooth structure. Interestingly, the lower jaws are not flexible, they are one whole with the rest of the skull.

Neither of Korotkov's theories have been proven. Back in 2008 he announced that he had invented a camera capable of photographing the human soul. Since then this claim has been refuted by numerous experts.

Nigel Watson, a British UFO expert, had his own take concerning the 3-fingered mummies and their supposed extraterrestrial connection. According to him, the mummies are fakes; Maria herself has been found to be a human skeleton with an unusual rib structure. He says they're simply an assortment of pieced together parts intended to cause a sensation without having any scientific plausibility.