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What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?


It's as if the frequency of UFO cases has been on the rise recently. And while according to some skeptics they have a logical explanation, Ufologists believe that extraterrestrials are trying to make contact with us somehow. Yet more proof of this are the UFO cases that have occurred during the 1st month of the year, compiled by the 'X' Zone Channel.

UFO in Santiago, Chile - It looks like 2016 began with a UFO incursion in Santiago. A number of unidentified flying objects were spotted during the 1st few days of the new year. Their presence was noticed by many residents but the authorities have not come out with an official logical explanation for the event.

Fireballs in South America - Unexplained fiery formations were seen by thousands of people, who in turn were left breathless after gazing upon this amazing phenomenon. However, there continues to be no word about their presence.

Hovering shape in Birmingham - In this case we can't be sure if we're talking about a ghost or the representative of an alien race. But one thing is certain, in Birmingham they witnessed a strange shape, resembling an angel, that was moving across the sky.

Birmingham UFO

A triangle in San Francisco - A dark shape, looking like a triangle, was a real sight to behold for residents of the city in January. As with the other cases, it's as if the triangle was hovering across the sky. Despite all the theories related to it, it is still unclear what residents actually saw.

Portal in Australia - At the end of last month, a strange phenomena was documented over the skies of Australia. The abnormality left people speechless, leading them to ask a whole series of questions. Many likened it to lightning, but fans of oddities and the mysterious think it was some sort of portal.